Dover castle from above

White Cliffs of Dover & Dover Castle - These infamous high chalk cliffs look out onto the English Channel, giving far-reaching views towards the French coast. The best way to see the cliffs is to take a walk along the coastal path. You’ll get a great view of the cliffs and also see the chalk grassland that’s home to so many unusual plants and insects like the chalk hill blue butterfly and the pyramidal orchid. The cliffs also have a special place in our national history and they were used for defence in both World Wars.

The medieval Dover Castle, the largest castle in England, sits strategically upon the White Cliffs, and is often described as the 'Key to England' due to its defensive significance throughout history. Secret Wartime Tunnels were dug deep beneath the castle, within the cliffs themselves, and are now one of the main attractions of the area to explore.  Visit website >