People often say Whitstable is their relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle, a sanctuary by the sea to unwind, slow down a gear and wile away the days exploring and sampling the local fares. Whitstable town is made up of one main street which starts from ‘Oxford Street’, leads into the High Street and ends with Harbour Street where most of the boutique shops and art galleries are located. However, it’s worth walking along from the beginning of ‘Oxford street’ as you’ll still find some more interesting shops which can easily be missed. Some shops worth a visit:



Offers unique garden ornaments and antiques.

68A Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DG

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Oxford Street Books

Specialises in the buying and selling of second hand books with floor to ceiling shelves to explore.

20A Oxford St, Whitstable CT5 1DD


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Paul's of Whitstable

A fabulous family run butchers.

42 High St, Whitstable CT5 1BQ



The Clothes Horse  

The ultimate clothes shop in Harbour Street, attracting fashion lovers. Apart from premium brands from Bohemia, Sandwich and Darling, the clothing shop has some interesting jewellery and homeware for sale too.

40 Harbour St, Whitstable CT5 1AH

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Beautifully painted scarves, intricately crafted trinkets, bangles and earrings. 

7 High St, Whitstable CT5 1AP




Pink Flamingo Boutique

Lovely women's clothes including brands such as tfnc, Kitsch Kitchen, Max C, and Darling.

2 Horsebridge Rd, Whitstable CT5 1AF

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Small and charming antique shop.

44 Oxford Street, Whitstable, CT5 1DG



The Sugar Boy

A nostalgic traditional sweet shop, selling traditional sweets in the traditional way – by the quarter from the jar. There are hundreds of jars stacked high on shelves all around the walls, from humbugs and acid drops to fudge and cola bottles, all at around £1 per 100g. Jamie Oliver once called this place "the best sweet shop in the world."

23 Harbour St, Whitstable CT5 1AH

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W. Holden

A local independent jewellery shop who pride themselves on being one of Whitstable’s longest established shops, specialising in jewellery, silverware & pewter, watches, clocks and barometers.

84 High St, Whitstable CT5 1AZ


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Lyre Studio Jewellers

Beautiful jewellery shop selling gemstone pieces set in silver or gold.

20 High Street,Whitstable CT5 1BQ

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Well-stocked in bespoke arts and crafts.

1 Horsebridge Rd, Whitstable CT5 1AF


Jane At Graham Greener

The ultimate solution for all your outdoor and gardening needs with a beautiful collection of garden ware and plants to inspire the keen gardener.

27 Harbour St, Whitstable CT5 1AH

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An independent herbs and whole foods shop, also selling eco-friendly cleaning products, Fair Trade goods and a wide range of gifts.

27 Oxford St, Whitstable CT5 1DB


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Whitstable Interiors

Selling a wide range of reclaimed and reconditioned furniture for the home.

6 Oxford St, Whitstable CT5 1DD


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Taking the Plunge

A unique  and quirky collection of sea side paraphernalia plus jewellery and homeware.

26 High St, Whitstable CT5 1BQ


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Whitstable Lavender

Specialises in Lavender fragrances, gifts & health products.

7A High Street, Whitstable CT5 1AP


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Kites and things

A shop for all ages specialising in Kites, air toys, skate & mountain boards.

3 Oxford St, Whitstable CT5 1DB